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Nice to See You - to See You NICE !

The 2011 Reunion

Info. on Reunion 2011
Please, see down page:

Up-Date as 14 April 2011
So far there 65 members and their Guests from the
3 Missile Clubs Booked
for the
Reunion 2011 at Manchester.
W/E 5 June 2011

Reunion 2011
New, Infomation - Up-Dated as 23 March 2011
& (Free) Parking
Please follow link below:

** **
The Reunion 2011 will be at:
(A) The Britannia Sachal Hotel, is in the heart of Manchester - just off Piccadilly Gradens.

Click on Map - For Google Map


( A ) Britannia Sachas HotelManchester, 

Tibb Street, Piccadilly, Manchester M4 1SH

'A' marks the Hotel

Click below - To see the Lay-Out ot the Sachas Hotel

Have a LOOK at the Sachas Hotel


The 1st joint Reunion 2009

 (with 24th, 39th & 50th Missile Clubs) at Blackpool

was a memorable and very successful occasion for us all.


So Let us make the 2nd joint Reunion 2011

(with 24th, 39th & 50th Missile Clubs)

even more successful


If you wish to Join Us at the Reunion 2011.


It would be NICE if you had Life Membership
of our Club. (This helps with the day to day running costs of Our Club). 
Then you should send me your Name with any Guests that may be coming with you - don't for get your contact address and telephone number - this info. will be passed on to the Sachas Hotel, Manchester.
(the same as we did for the Blackpool Reunion 2009).
More Info, as I get it?

Get Your Name on Our List - NOW !!

My e mail below.
 Post your information to
Michael (Cabby) Hughes
my address on Application Form
Top left.
** **

The Following Wish to Have their Names Down for the
Reunion 2011 - w/e Sunday 5th of June 2011,
at the Sachas Hotel.
'Take That'
Click on link below:


Book early for your Sachas Hotel

as 'Take That' Followers will be booking too?

  Is Your Names on Our 'REUNION 2011' at Manchester - List ?   Up-Dated  
            The 39ers Club        
No.           Membership, Donation,     Served Served
Att. ID, No. 1st Name,  Surname, Guest of: Home Fee,  Paid, Given, Dated,   Bty 39 Regt
1 m-001 Michael Hughes ……………….. Lancashire Yes Jan 03 01-Jan-03   A-T, D,36 1959 - 67
2 n/a Alice Hughes ………………. …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
3 n/a Joan Smith Michael Hughes G/Manchester n/a   n/a   Jim, 36 1959-65
4 m-520 John French ………………. E/Sussex Yes ? 11-Feb-08     1970 - 82
5 m-292 Des Hover ………………. Kent Yes Apr 07 03-Apr-07   HQ 1959 - 76
6 n/a Pat Hover Des Hover …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
7 n/a Jacki Heathcote Des Hover …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
8 n/a Pauline Richards Des Hover …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
9 m-431 Don Smith ………………. Yorkshire No ?? ??     ?
10 m-119 Terry Nicholls ………………. Yorkshire Yes ? 16-Jul-07     1959 - 74
11 n/a Donna Bradley Terry Nichols …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
12 m-128 Tom Catterall ………………. Lancashire Yes ? 27-May-08   . 1967-72
13 n/a Ann Catterall Tom Catterall …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
14 m-344 Bill Evans ………………. W/Berkshire Yes Sep 07 22-Sep-07   . 1956-68
15 n/a Ryan Evans Bill Evans …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
16 m-524 Anthony Martin ……………… Wiltshire Yes Dec 07 09-Dec-07     1967 - 72
17 n/a ? ? Anthony Martin …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
18 m-391 Stuart Bright ……………… Chestire Yes Sep 09 09-Sep-09     1969-72
19 n/a Juileann Bright Stuart Bright …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
20 m-525 John Chaplin ……………… Birmingham No ?? ??     1969 - 72
21 n/a ? ? John Chaplin …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
22 m-026 Geoff Bradford ……………… Somerset Yes Apr 07 11-Apr-07   36 1960 - 65
23 n/a Sue Bradford Geoff Bradford …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
24 m-025 Dave Bradford ……………… Somerset No ?? ??     1961 - 66
25 n/a ? ? Dave Bradford …………… n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
26 m-590 Peter Whincope   Wales Yes Dec 07 29-Dec-07     1966 - 72
27 n/a Linda Whincope Peter Whincope n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
28 m-1010 Dale Mackrill ……………… ? No ?? ??   36 1965
29 n/a ? ? Dale Mackrill ………….. n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
30 m-087 Paul Thomas   Sheffield No ?? ??   36 1960's
31   ? ? Paul Thomas ………….. n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
32 m-132 Bill Owens   Hartford No ?? ??   36 mid 1960
33   ? ? Bill Owens ………….. n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
34 m-490 John Gomme   Hartford Yes Apt 09 ?   36 1960-61
35   ? ? John Gomme ………….. n/a   n/a   n/a n/a
36 m-016 James (Jim) Bainbridge   Durham Yes Jan 08 01-Jan-08   171 1961-65
37   ? ? Jim Bainbridge n/a   n/a   n/a n/a


Reunion 2011 at Sachas Hotel, Manchester


The 2011 Reunion will take place at Sachas Hotel, Tib Street, in Manchester.


w/e Sunday 5th the

of June 2011.


The Price of this Reunion will be 120-00 per person this will include all of the items below:-


1. 2 Nights Accommodation (for Friday & Saturday night's)

2. Full English breakfast on both days

3. A meet and greet Evening in the Washington Suite with Buck’s Fizz on arrival

4. Gala Dinner on the Saturday evening with Buck’s Fizz on arrival

5. Entertainment on the evening of the Gala Dinner

6. Free use of the spindles Health Club.

7. Meeting room for the AGM on Saturday

8. Meet & Greet on Friday Evening for guest’s of the Hotel with a finger Buffet

People not requiring accommodation the ticket price for the Gala Dinner only will be 27.50
The Gala Dinner and B/B for one night only 62.50
Extra night’s accommodation for the 5th /June/2011 30.00
B/B per person 

 All payments to be made in full and made payable to the;-


50 Missile Club R A

and returned to the Secretary at the following address:


Tony Todd, 9 The Grove, Heathhall, Dumfries. DG1 1TN

Tel No 01387 262 378


Car Parking (Free)Please follow the link below:



Car Parking


There is only one other payment to make if you bring your Car and that is the Car Park Charges.
Arndale multi storey car park on High Street
Opening hours: Open 24 hours
Discounted charge: 20% discount in the full rate once ticket has been validated at the hotel reception.  Lost tickets will be charged at full day rate.
Up to 1 hour 1.60, up to 2 hours 2.80, up to 6 hours 9.00, up to 12 hours 20.00 
Normal 24 hour charge: 24.00


Open car park adjacent to the hotel on Tib Street

Opening hours: 7.00am to 7.00pm
24 hour charge: 16.50

Night rate applies to vehicles entering after 9.00pm and leaving before 8.00am the following morning, otherwise full daily tariff applies. (Not Secure)

Multi storey car park on Church Street Opening hours: 7.00am to 10.00pm
24 hours charge: 13.00 Secure after 10-00 pm until 7- 00 am
 No Discount this may be the best option

(( Late News - There may be alternative car parking by arrangement details will be notified later when it is arranged

watch this space ))

Any problems phone

Tony on Tel: 01387 262 378

When booking please indicate if you have any special dietary problems 


Remember no ticket no entry no paying on the door unless by prior arrangements.


** **

Tony’s website (50 Missile Club RA)




** **




Please Remember that Tony Todd (the secretary of the ‘50 Missile Club’) Is running this show?


So you will be dealing with Tony – he be doing all

the Booking of the Sachas Hotel for the weekend of  3th - 4th of June 2011 in Manchester.


If you require any information about the Reunion 2011

Please contact Tony on - Tel: 01387 262 378.


Please let me know if you are going to the Reunion 2011, so I can - put your Name on our Reunion 2011 list – I can then let other members of ‘The 39ers Club’ know who will be there – thought our website ‘The 39ers Club’


Thank You.


Michael (Cabby) Hughes

(Secretary of ‘The 39ers Club’)

Booking Form

Just Copy the Form in to Word ( Click on From with right mouse button, Copy - open Word Doc. and Paste ) - Print it -  fill in the Form - send it to Tony Todd - his address: 
Mr Tony Todd,
9 The Grove,


Drop Me a Line !
I'm; Michael (Cabby) Hughes

Michael (Cabby) Hughes in 1962

{'!'}  {'!'}

Michael (Cabby) Hughes in 2004

Michael (Cabby) Hughes
(Secretary - The 39ers Club)
35 Roman Rd.,
Blackburn, BB2 3EZ
Lancashire, UK
New e mail address:

as April 2014

Thank you for looking at
'The 39ers Club' 'website'.

Michael (Cabby) Hughes
  Website Creator, Secretary,
Webmaster & Washer-Up

(Sep 2003) All Rights Reserved

Please Note


This (The 39ers Club) is a personal web site and has no official status. The contents and design of this site is by me and no other. I WISH TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO MY SITE.

I myself served with the Royal Regiment of Artillery from 1954 till 1976 of which a considerable amount of that time was spent with - 39 Regt RA or 40 Regt RA - Sennelager or Gutersloh, West Germany