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Many LOOK  -  But few give!


Can you help with the running cost of YOUR Club?


My younger days - used to take hours - but now it all over in a Flash ?

But I keep trying?



Here I'm pounding away at the computer day & night, the monies going out! But nothing coming in! There around the 1.000 names in the Database and out of that lot ! ONLY about 62 have paid a little - by having Membership of The 39ers Club - that 10 for life membership - what would you get for 10 - 2 drinks?

I'm getting a bit old for all that worry about money - so who going to help me run the Club _ we are all dropping off one by one. If you want to keep - The 39ers Club running, put your hand in your pocket. Make cheques payable to: The Secretary, The 39ers Club - my address is on the membership application - fill it in and sent it with your money. Thank you for your Help.


By the way - We are thinking of a REUNION next year around June 2011 at Manchester - we may join 50 Missile Club for this REUNION - what do ye think. Come on it may be your last - that goes for me too!?


 Thank YOU.


I wish to THANK the following for their Donations:
It nice to know 'The 39ers Club' have friend's out-there !
It Your Club - So Use It, or Loose It!

Alfred (Spike) Grimes (m-0002) (Full Membership, since 02-Apr-2007)
08 July 2010
Maurice Chapman (m-0422) (Full Membership - since 01-Nov-2007)
03 Aug 2010

Thank You SPIKE for Your Donation, 08-07-2010
As always my Mate Alfred (Spike) Grimes is the first to come forward and put some money in the Pot! Thank you 'Spike' for your Donation, if I get a few more Donations like that the Club will be Safe for a while longer.
I know once the The 39ers Club is set-up there not much out-lay: ONLY::
The Domain Name: The 39ers Club.com - monies up front every year.
The Website: The 39ers Club.com - monies to AOL every month.
The Photo Album site - monies to myphotoalbum.com, every year.
Stamps, Telephone calls, computer cost & running repairs, ( I can remember up-dating my computer in Dec. 1997 - cost me 1.519.00) that was with HP printer 670c, & Scanner Avision 9600 DPI. (That was from Soft Sell, Darwen St., Blackburn - dated 21-11-1997)
I have 2 computers to run 'The 39ers Club' one for back-up.
I had to replace the two of last year as they get out of date and can't be up-dated.
I use a laptop for my personal use.
50 Missile Club have 775 fully payed up members at 15.00 each for life membership, their club been running since 1989.
They have a commity that runs it.
We have 62 fully payed up members and The 39ers Club, been running since Sep. 2003.
The 39ers Club - have only 'Little Old Me!'
Who Loves You Baby !!??
** **



If you are willing to help with the running costs of ‘The 39ers Club’ after all it’s here for you to make contact – I get e mails from the lads saying they contacted their old mate after years of searching and it was with the help of this Club.

Once the website is set up – it nearly runs itself !? – but I still got to fork out with my own monies to provide:       Computer, Scanner, Printer, and other hardware kit.

Then there:

( Tripod - Web Site – Provider.) – ( AOL Service Provider. )

 ( Photo Album – Provider) - ( Domain Name – Provider. ) - (Windows Live Hotmail Plus – Provider.) 







Web Site - Provider

Tripod (gets the ‘The 39ers Club’ web pages on the web


Tripod Payment Confirmation‏

Lycos Network (support@support.lycos.com

02 September 2009

Thank you for your recent purchase of Tripod Webmaster.

Your credit card ending in (**** **** **** 0039) has been billed in the amount of $11.95.





AOL Service Provider


Get ‘The 39ers Club’ website up & running on the Big www.

That was 9.99 – but now it 14.99 a month

That around 180 a year.


Your credit card ending in (**** **** **** 0039) has been billed for the amount of 179.88





Photo Album – Provider


Dear Michael,

Thanks for your order from MyPhotoAlbum. The details are listed below.
MyPhotoAlbum order # 167390

Order Number : 167390
Date Ordered : 10/07/2009

Renewal for the39thmissileregt.myphotoalbum.com

Subtotal: 20.00
Discount: - 0.00
VAT: 3.50
Total: 23.50


Your credit card ending in (**** **** **** 0039) has been billed in the amount of $23.50.





Domain Name - Provider


Domain Name: the39ersclub.com
1st Registration Date: 3-Nov-03
Expiration Date: 3-Nov-10

9.99 a year


Administration Contact Details
Name: Michael Paul Hughes
Email: the39ersclub@hotmail.com
Address: 35 Roman Road ……… ……


Your Hosting services provider:

Technical Contact Details
Name: Lycos Domains NIC
Email: nic@domains.lycos.com
Address: 100 Fifth Ave
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When I started this website in September 2003 - I never dreamed it would grow so big over the years. We have over 1,000 names of lads that have served with 39th Regiment RA over the years, (lots with contacted information so you can find your Buddies) there thousands of photos sent to me by the lads. (In our Photos Albums on our web site) This takes a lot of my time – I don’t mind that – my time is free – but my pockets are not bulging any more. (I know that could be Old age! – things don’t stand up like they use to do!) I know there about 50 members helped out by joining the Club (Membership) that is nice of them to help.

So if you like to spread the load and give a - Donation.


Cheques made out to: The 39ers Club – (Michael (Cabby) Hughes)

& Send to:


Michael (Cabby) Hughes

(The 39ers Club)

35 Roman Road,


BB2 3EZ,




Thank you for Helping with the running of your Club.



Drop Me a Line !
I'm; Michael (Cabby) Hughes

Michael (Cabby) Hughes in 1962

{'!'}  {'!'}

Michael (Cabby) Hughes in 2004

Michael (Cabby) Hughes
(Secretary - The 39ers Club)
35 Roman Rd.,
Blackburn, BB2 3EZ
Lancashire, UK
New e mail address:

as April 2014

Thank you for looking at
'The 39ers Club' 'website'.

Michael (Cabby) Hughes
  Website Creator, Secretary,
Webmaster & Washer-Up

(Sep 2003) All Rights Reserved

Please Note


This (The 39ers Club) is a personal web site and has no official status. The contents and design of this site is by me and no other. I WISH TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO MY SITE.

I myself served with the Royal Regiment of Artillery from 1954 till 1976 of which a considerable amount of that time was spent with - 39 Regt RA or 40 Regt RA - Sennelager or Gutersloh, West Germany