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Up Dated, 20 July 2016





39th Regiment RA
part of the
 Royal Regiment of Artillery  

Well it the END of the

39 Regiment RA.

But memories of the 39th Regiment RA will alive on with

The 39ers Club.com

Long live the the

39 Regiment RA


To the old

'The 39ers Club'

Creased in September 2003 by myself:
Michael (Cabby) Hughes

So give me some time to sort things out ??

Link for the Photo's of the Honest John Missile

* *

The 39ers Club Picture Albums with Smugmug.com

When you OPEN the 39ers Club Photo Album above.
Click, on any photo there - that should
OPEN that - ALBUM ?? 
4.000 photos.  



The Royal Regiment of Artillery



Welcome to: 

"39 Regiment RA

 Club website "

 > Welcome ex members of the 39th Regiment RA,

 Lads that served with the Regiment over the years <





{!} + {*!*}

Visit any one of the

original 'Honest John Missile' (1960's to the 1970's )Regiments, 

24th 39th or 50th Missile Club Website's below.


** **

24th Missile Club

Webmaster is: Phill Perry, served with
24 Missile Regt RA (1972 - 1984)

-- --

39th Missile Club

Webmaster is: Michael (Cabby) Hughes,
served with 39 Missile Regt RA (1959 - 1967) our website: www.the39ersclub.com was created in 2003, (12 years ago)

-- --

50th Missile Club

Webmaster is: Tony Todd, served with 
50th Missile Regt RA (1958 - 1967) - website:
www.50missileclubra.com was created in 1991, (23 years ago)

-- --

We WELCOME the New Members who have joined us over the last few years at:

'The 39ers Club' for 2013, 2014 & 2015
New Members for 2013.
David Garner, (Ben) Lincoln, 36 Bty. 1960's (Joined The 39ers Club March 2013)

Donald Harrison, Hant's. 19 Bty. 1964 to 1967 (Joined 'The 39ers Club, March 2013)
(Tel: 01252 676 290) (Mob: 07762 494 940)

George Watts, Grays, Essex, - (National Service Man), 1956 to 1958, 19 Bty. (Joined The 39ers Club, July 2013)
(Tel: 01275 378 847)

We Welcome New Members for 2014.
Jim Robinson (Robbo), Wigan, Lancs, HQ, MT, 1962 to 1972. (Joined 'The 39ers Club',  May 2014)
(Tel: 01942 862 368)

Colin Herbert (Herbie), London, HQ, MT, 1961 to 1967. (Joined 'The 39ers Club', May 2014)
(Tel; 02088 066 097)
- -

Harold Beardsmore, Telford, 36 Bty.
1959 to 1961. (Joined 'The 39ers Club',  June 2014)
(Tel: 01952 274 957)
- -

A T Bevrley-Jones, (South Wales)
I wish to THANK one of our ex members of the 39th Missile Regiment RA, for there Very Kind Donation received 24th June 2014. Name on Cheque is 'A T Beverley-Jones' he wrote: (A Donation towards your Website Costs, from One of the Last National Service Man at Dempsey Barricks.) There were no more datails with the cheque - I myself can't remember this lad - but Thanks again. (Do You, remember him?)

-- --

Richard F. Finch
have, Joined 'The 39ers Club', October 2014. Richard served with 36 Bty RA in the early 1960.

--- ---

We Welcome New Members for 2015.

Michael (Mick) Wood

Have joined The 39ers Club, April 2015 and gave us a very large donation - that should keep us going for a while. Michael (Mick) served in 36 Bty 1958 - 1964.

Sorry to say that Michael (Mick) Wood passed away on the 4th April 2015.
R.I.P Mick

_ _

Michael(Tiny) Parker

Have found our website 'The 39ers Club' (Mick) lives in Bedfordshire,he served with 171 Bty 1967 to 1970 (Bdr) his partner: Linda.Thank you (Michael) for joining us and your kind donation.
(Tel.01462 811 653) or (Mob.07808 169 787) 


There a SPACE here for Your NAME !
Thank You, Lads for Your Membership Fees & Kind Donation's.
< See there contact info. on Our Database, on Left < <

Comments - Please

The Comments you make about this site are Private and will be read ONLY by Me - then I could take what ever action is required to Help in this matter! If you served with the 39 Regiment RA over the years let me know than I can put your details on our NEW database. So your mates that served with you - will be able to contact you. Our old database had over 1,000 contact details so lets double that. We only live once! so lets get in touch with each other and remember the happy days or were they?
The 39 Regiment RA could be disbanded in 2014 - (was disbanded on the 20th Feburary 2015). It one of the last of the group of Honest John Missile Regiments that served in West Germany in the 1960's.
The Western Front - Cold War - not just the weather - or the Beer.

'Oh' Happy Days.

My NEW e mail: cabby39regtra@aol.com

' Click ' for Photos or words below.

View over 5,000 Pictures sent to us my Our Club Members - (( Click Here ))

If you have Photos taken with 39 Regiment RA over the years and would like to share your memories with US.
Just contact, 
Michael (Cabby) Hughes - e mail him at:


{'!'}  {'!'}


( ! )


{'!'}  {'!'}


You are most WELCOME to look around our website - tell your friends about us.


39th Missile Regt RA
website 1960/70's era
'The 39ers Club'
Please read info on right >

Last Up Dated: 20 July 2016

I created this Website to try and keep alive the memories of all the people associated with the
39th Regiment RA
over the years - 1947 to Date (2015)
39th Missile Regiment, Royal Artillery 
(Honest John Missile - 8" Howitzer Gun)
 1960's era.
I myself served with the 39th Missile Regiment RA from 1959-67.
That is why the site is called, the 39th Missile Regiment RA,
 Website, 1960's.
But I'm covering all the years from
1947* to date (2015)

( * See, 39 Regt History on left )
So if you served or know of anyone that was associated with the 39th Regiment RA over those years, let me know.

Since, September 2003.
  You are Visitor 

39th Regiment Royal Artillery

Drop Me a Line !
I'm; Michael (Cabby) Hughes

Michael (Cabby) Hughes in 1962

{'!'}  {'!'}

Michael (Cabby) Hughes in 2004

Michael (Cabby) Hughes
(Secretary - The 39ers Club)
35 Roman Rd.,
Blackburn, BB2 3EZ
Lancashire, UK
New e mail address:

as April 2014

Thank you for looking at
'The 39ers Club' 'website'.

Michael (Cabby) Hughes
  Website Creator, Secretary,
Webmaster & Washer-Up

(Sep 2003) All Rights Reserved

Please Note


This (The 39ers Club) is a personal web site and has no official status. The contents and design of this site is by me and no other. I WISH TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO MY SITE.

I myself served with the Royal Regiment of Artillery from 1954 till 1976 of which a considerable amount of that time was spent with - 39 Regt RA or 40 Regt RA - Sennelager or Gutersloh, West Germany